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Level up your business emailing with professional email signature. Experience the simplicity of our HTML email signature generator.


Use Our Email Signature Generator Online

You don't need to be an HTML guru and design ninja to create the professional email signature.
Enjoy our interactive and user-friendly signature generator to create HTML email signature.

  • Create Email Signature in 5 Minutes

    The simple interface of our signature creator and step-by-step instructions will guide you through all stages of making your email signature.

  • Use Professional Templates for Your Email Signature

    Our email signature templates are thoroughly/meticulously created by designers. Special color schemes, web-safe fonts, elements' layouts will help you to create a beautiful and functional email signature.

  • Enjoy Cross-platform HTML Email Signature

    Use our online signature maker to generate HTML email signatures without coding skills. Your signature will look great in major email clients on your computer and mobile phone.

  • Create, Clone and Control Email Signatures for your Team

    Create signature design and clone it for all your team. All you have to do is update company information, personal contact details and send a link with signature right away from the dashboard.

  • Use Social Media Icons to Promote your Business Pages

    Increase engagement and trust by adding social media icons linked to your business pages just at the bottom of your email signature.

  • Add a promotional banner to your email signature

    Upload and add an advertising banner to your email signature to promote your services, products or special offers. Add a link to your landing page to increase your conversions.


All Your Email Signatures in One Dashboard

No more mess and inconsistency. Design your template with our email signature creator,
clone, update and share them straight away from the dashboard.


The Best Email Signature Generator

Active Signatures, company email signature generator,
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Who needs an online email signature generator?

Are you actively using email for your professional and business communication? If yes, then email signature is a must-have for you.

No doubt that freelancers, business owners, independent agents and even C-level company representatives should impress their recipients from the very first email. But if your team uses email as one of the key channels to connect with potential and current customers, we bet you don't want to miss out on making a positive impression, increasing brand awareness and sharing your current offers or company updates. So go ahead and try now

Why Use an Email Signature Generator?

Using email signature generator is the easiest and fastest way to create signatures. There is no need to attract designers, learn HTML or hire a developer and have long discussions about such a simple element of your emails. Besides, using email signature creator assures that your email signatures will look good in all major email clients and won't corrupt in the recipient’s inbox.

Why Use HTML Email Signature?

HTML email signatures are supported by all email clients and other email software solutions. Email signatures created in HTML format guarantee that images won't become attachments and text will have proper formatting in any inbox as opposed to the signatures created in text or image editor.

Benefits of Online Email Signature Generator?

You don't need to install additional software to your computer or extension to your browser You can have access to the dashboard and your email signatures at any time, even if you’re not in front of your own computer at the moment. You don't need to involve your IT department for the installation and generation stages.


This is What Our Clients Say About Our Active Signatures Generator


David Kirk

Marketing Manager

Activesignatures has completely surpassed my expectations. Really good service for creating email signatures. I can customize the links, especially social media links. It does a great job of explaining my business without having to explain anything myself. People know my position and how to contact me through multiple details all through the email signature! Highly recommended!


Adriana Hurley


Happy to find this service. Simple to use. It took me a few minutes to create a nice looking signature. Now my emails look professional.


Kyle Waters


I used to spend hours designing my signature by myself and I was still unsatisfied. That is why I was so excited to find Active Signatures. I chose one of the templates, pick the color I wanted, uploaded my photo and voilà. Recommend to use!